19 May

Free visitor recording and heat map software

Hotjar is an all-in-one piece of website analysis software, producing heat maps and visitor recordings for free.

We’re huge fans. Although like most online services, what you get for free is limited. We think it’s a great way to gain some insight on how visitors react and engage with your website.

The free version (which is free forever with no card details to enter) allows 2,000 page views per day of which Hotjar will randomly select visitors to record, and allow you to manage up to 3 heat maps, funnels, forms, polls and surveys with 300 site recordings.

All of this information is stored and displayed in an easy-to-use online dashboard where you get the country, a unique user number, how many pages they visited, for how long, what device they viewed your website on, on what browser AND on what operating system.

What more could you want?

You can also filter the dashboard by visit duration, landing page, or tags.

(Tags are notes that you can add to individual recordings) to enable you to filter recordings in your own way. We have previously used tag to record people who clicked on something that was not a link.

After we saw this was a common misconception, we added a link to the image which allowed users to get to their desired destination.

The beauty of this is the recording shows you exactly how the user sees it – so if your images don’t display for the user, they won’t display in your recording. Allowing you to make quick and simple adjustments which if left un-resolved, could cost you dearly.


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